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26 October, 2013


Oh man, oh man, oh man. There are totally Witchy Fillies. Check them out after the break.


Do you remember the three family trees (Princess, Unicorn and Fairy) we reported on in the Toy post? Well, while that's the three kinds of Fillies that were linked from the main site, some enterprising Funtasia fans have discovered that there's more to find! And what's to find are Witchy Fillies, among other things. You can find the Witchy Fillies site here but note that it does not appear to be completely finished yet and is thus a bit... undefined.

Witchy Fillies are best Fillies.
Note that there's a Witchy Filly called Lynn in there! According to a poster who was supposedly from BRB Internacional on a certain imageboard, this Filly in the trailer was also called Lynn:

It's not completely identical, but I guess it's similar enough to possibly be the same Filly, which would add to the credibility of that poster if true. Unfortunately, Lynn does not seem to have a bio up on the Witchy Filly site yet. Oh, and there's this.

M A Larson already knew all about Witchy Fillies.
EDIT: Turns out that Lynn's bio is actually available! Check out the character roundup where it's listed.


  1. There are additional variants - Filly Mermaids and Filly Elves.
    A search of Amazon.de will show these other variants.

    1. They are also listed on the German version of the site. Maybe I will create wiki articles on them.

  2. I don't like that they're ripping off another series with this. Those two in the top-left, Abra and Cadabra, are obviously based on the Pokemon of the same (for Abra) or very close (Cadabra) name.

    Not cool, man. Not cool at all.

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  3. Actually, "abracadabra" is a very old generic magic spell, from which both the filly characters and the pokemon characters probably got their names independently. Certainly I see no visual resemblance. See also, for example, "Avada Kedavra" from Harry Potter or "Arba" and "Dakarba" from the Groo the Wanderer series.


  5. That is almost certainly Lynn. In addition to the similar appearance, according to the german website, which actually has text, Lynn is from the Wind 'family', all of whom wear green capes (all witchy fillies wear capes - that's where their magic comes from). Lynn from Funtasia also wears a green cape, though it is usually mostly hidden.

  6. In addition, have copypasta of the engrish translation of Lynn's bio. ''the small lynn it is convinced that it is not in a position to learn magic, and that her cape has no power. But whenever lynn has bad temper, it begins to thunder. Maybe they just have to believe in yourself?


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