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24 October, 2013

How to Submit to/Contact Funtasia Daily

The contact email is currently [email protected], please use it for all submissions as well as all other contact. (alternate email: [email protected] )

We will accept fanart, fanfics, Funtasia news, and anything else Filly Funtasia related. If you're sending in fanart, please include a link to your gallery/image source so we can link to it. This website is SFW, please do not send in any NSFW material.

Banners should preferably be 1000x300 pixels and in PNG format. The fonts for the first Funtasia Daily banner is Amigo for the "Funtasia" part and Charlemagne Std for the "DAILY" part. However, you do not need to use those fonts in your banner. (the current one doesn't)


  1. I swear to God... if this becomes a thing, I will undergo surgery, attach rotors to my head, and become a roflcopter.

  2. Still hasn't become a thing, I see

  3. Are you sethisto from mlp fandom / eqd?

    1. No, I'm just a Sethisto impersonator.


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