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18 November, 2013

Villain Post

As has been requested, let's have a post speculating about the villains of the show! Our main villains seem to be Battiwigs and the Wizard. They only have a couple of lines between them in the trailer, so what do we know about them? We'll discuss it, after the break.

Battiwigs from Filly Funtasia
Fillification when? We need Bat Fillies.
Battiwigs is very much the underling of the two, and the trailer shows him at the receiving end of some slapstick and some verbal abuse by the Wizard. It seems the villains will be played for laughs as their plots are described as "wacky" in the flyer and the series is described as a "family sitcom" in this informational page on BRB's website.
Screencap of the information page on BRB Internacional's website about Filly Funtasia
Screencap courtesy of My Little Life on Mars
So far Battiwigs is the only talking non-Filly creature that we have seen in the show (unless the Wizard turns out to not be a Filly). Is it normal for bats and other non-Filly creatures to speak in the Filly world? The canonicity of the German comics to the show are unknown, but they depict Bella's ability to talk to birds as exceptional, so maybe not. Perhaps there's some magic at work here!
The Wizard in the mirror, the main villain of Filly Funtasia
The Wizard seems to be the "serious" one in the duo. There's plenty that we don't know about him, like why he is in a mirror, but it seems like he is probably trapped there and he's forced to rely on his minion Battiwigs to carry out his plans, with Battiwigs probably bumbling it up all the time. I hope they're going for a Pinky and the Brain type dynamic between the two, that would be fun. The Wizard's main goal seems to be to steal the magic from the Kingdom of Funtasia, so maybe he is a Filly imprisoned in a mirror for using some sort of dark magic? Or maybe he's just a sentient evil mirror. Who knows!

While the Wizard and Battiwigs are the main villains, we could also have some minor villains appear. I personally hope to see some dragons. Everyone loves dragons. What do you guys want from the villains?


  1. I hope the wizard can move other things with his magic, but not himself, resulting with Battiwigs having to carry him around whenever the Wizard needs to move from Point A to Point B.
    Also hoping for that Pinky and Brain dynamic.
    Interesting to note is that Battiwigs is wearing a hero's medal, wonder if that's his or if he stole it?

  2. Pretend Tupac is Mlp Fim and Filly Funtasia is Ja Rule...


  3. I'd love for this duo to be both threatening and funny!


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