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12 November, 2013

Filly Funtasia Press Release

This info is actually really old, it's just never been discussed by Funtasia fans much before. I've certainly managed to miss it completely. All the way back in September, BRB posted this press release confirming some information we've seen in secondary sources (26 episodes, and the writer list) as well as some "new" information that's summarized after the break.

  • Funtasia is actually the name of the kingdom
There has been some speculation as to what "Funtasia" refers to, but the press release calls it a kingdom. I had previously speculated that the show might be set in Crystalia, and I maintain that the trailer and other promotional material depicts a landscape very similar to it. Maybe it's a sub-kingdom? Or maybe the toy sites are less canon to the show than we've assumed? Who knows.
  • The Fillies are described as "teenage"
I guess that means the Royal Magic Academy is like a Filly high school for magic in a way.
  • The Fillies are at the Academy to perfect their special styles of magic
This implies that there's variation in magic among all Filly types (and that all types of Fillies have the ability to do magic). The German Witchy Filly page divides the Witchy Fillies into a few different types of magic: Light, Flower, Water, Wind (to which Lynn belongs), Heart, and "Special". Each style is used by a different Witchy family. Perhaps Filly families of other types will also have similar magic styles.
  • The first episodes were presented publicly in early October
That means they're quite far into production. That's good! Let's hope for some more promos soon.


  1. I'd say "Get Hype!" but I haven't seen much to get too excited about. Their lore is pretty well-established as is compared to MLP where they started with 2 towns in a kingdom and started branching out from there. The rest is just fanon as I assume plenty of FF content will be as well.

  2. I recall having seen the press release twice before at the place I'm at. Once the day before the trailer, and once a couple days after.

    It was primarily noteworthy for having princesses both as a Filly type and a type of character, resulting in jokes about princess princesses.


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