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03 November, 2016

BRB Still Revealing Nothing About Filly Funtasia

The attempts at finding out what's happened to Filly Funtasia after recent events continue. Tom S Fox has been in contact with Filly Funtasia writer Jymn Magon to hear if he knows anything. Last autumn, he was in Barcelona for a meeting about Filly Funtasia, but apparently he hasn't heard from them in months now.

Meanwhile, BRB themselves have finally responded to one of many messages sent to them about Filly Funtasia - albeit with an answer that only revealed that they seemingly really don't want to reveal anything about Filly Funtasia right now.

I'd like to thank Tom S. Fox and our anonymous Facebooker for sending this in. If you have been in contact with anyone about Filly Funtasia's fate or if you know anything we don't, please send it in to [email protected]. Even if it's bad news. At this point, I'd prefer being told that the worst has happened to Filly Funtasia remaining vaporware forever.