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02 November, 2016

Removal of Filly Funtasia from BRB's Website Continues

It keeps happening! As we've previously reported on, there was no Filly Funtasia at this year's MIPCOM, which was revealed to us at about the same time that Filly Funtasia was removed from the overview on Apolo Films' website and the Filly Funtasia info page on BRB's website was made inaccessible. Well, Filly Funtasia has now been removed from a few more parts of BRB's website since we wrote that article. Let's take a look.

When the last article was written, Filly Funtasia was still present in the top bar although the page it linked to was inaccessible. This is what it looked like:

Magic, spells and fun! Poof, the page is gone!

Well, now the Filly Funtasia banner has been removed from the topbar. It currently looks like this:

This frog seems a bit too happy, considering this turn of events.

And that's not the only recent change. While we pointed out in the last article that Filly Funtasia's page in the "Licensing" section of the website was still there - it's now gone the way of the dodo for both the English and Spanish language sections of the website. This is what it looked like before its removal:

"premiere 2014"

Now, even with these latest removals, BRB's website is not completely Filly free. Filly Funtasia is still mentioned on BRB's "About Us" page:

To be fair, nothing about clarity in communication is mentioned here.

Also, Filly Funtasia is still mentioned in numerous news articles hosted on their website... and Rose is still present in their Facebook, YouTube and Twitter banners!

No need to remake the banner from scratch - why not just scribble out Rose's face?

We have made quite a few attempts at contacting various Filly Funtasia stakeholders, inquiring about what is going on, but nobody has replied to us yet. Again, I must reiterate my plea - if you know anything about what's going on here, please tell us something to calm our nerves. We're reachable at [email protected]

Even if this is happening because of something we can't be told about (like legal reasons, ongoing negotiations, etc), even knowing the fact that there is a reason we can't be told what's going on would put our minds at ease.