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05 November, 2016

Filly Funtasia Removed From Screen21's Website

What, again? Yes, once again, there has been another removal of Filly Funtasia since the last article about Filly Funtasia removals was written. Take a look at what Screen21's website looked like last time and how it looks now:

Something is missing, I can't quite place it
Just like for Apolo Films, the Screen21 page for Filly Funtasia is still present, it's just that all links to it have been removed. However, they did delete the page's header image for some reason. Let's recap what's happened:

• First, we find out that there is no Filly Funtasia content in this year's MIPCOM trailer that BRB Internacional has posted - for the first time since 2012. At the same time, the Filly Funtasia page on BRB's website becomes unavailable and the Filly Funtasia page on Apolo Films' website becomes unlisted.
• Then, we find out that Filly Funtasia has been removed from the top bar on BRB's website, and been removed from the licensing section of their website since the previous article.
• After that, we find out that Jymn Magon has not been in contact with BRB for months and BRB's only reply to queries about Filly Funtasia is to say that they're not saying anything.
• Finally, we're now finding out that since we wrote the article about the second round of removals, Filly Funtasia has been removed from Screen21's website as well. When that second round of removals happened, we sent two emails to Screen21 asking for updates, which may possibly have alerted them to the fact that Filly Funtasia is still present on their website. Or it could be a coincidence.

This might be the last in the series of article about removals of Filly Funtasia from websites - because they're running out of places to remove them from. Besides news articles, unlinked pages, old videos, the presence of Rose in their banners, and brief mentions - there's not really any other places to remove Filly Funtasia from. Notably, all the removals have happened on the websites of BRB, of their animation studio Screen21, and of Apolo Films which produces feature-length movies of BRB animated series. So far, there have been no known removal on Dracco's end - fillyfuntasia.com is still online, and so is dracconews.com and no mentions have been removed from dracco.com or MyFilly. Does that mean anything? Well, we don't know - Dracco isn't answering our emails either right now. (Sidenote: if anyone has a better way of contacting them than the info email listed on their website, let us know.) Again - if you have any more information about what's going on behind the scenes, don't hesitate to email [email protected]. Thank you.