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05 January, 2015

Filly Stars

It looks like we're getting a new Filly type - the Filly Stars! Read more after the break.

(Some information in this article is now outdated by the later developments described in this post)

Recently, a screenshot of the frontpage of Filly Magazin 02/2015 has been posted on Club Filly (Russian page).

Sparkly wings!
It looks like the Stars are winged unicorns with a celestial connection! The main Filly on the cover is Siria. She's (probably) named after Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, so she might possibly be their leader.

This raises another question: if Zach from the trailers is also a Star, since he's also got a unicorn horn and feathery wings.

Is it so?

His wings don't sparkle, and his crown looks different from the Stars on the magazine cover - but his crown does have stars in it! Not only that, but he arrives after what looks like a shooting star.

Though shooting stars don't usually take curved paths.
We've previously speculated that Zach might instead be a Filly Angel, which are also connected to shooting stars. The Angels we've seen do have star crowns like Zach, and unlike the Stars, but the Angels have wings colored differently from their coat, unlike Zach and the Stars we've seen. Also, we haven't seen an Angel with a horn, but that could be because Zach is a special Angel. (like how Magic is a Fairy with a horn unlike all other Fairys we know of)

Right now, it seems like it's much less clear cut what Zach is, at least until we get some Filly Stars toys! What do you think?

Thanks to Exohasard for sending in the link!