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18 December, 2013

Drawfilly #4

It's been a while since we presented some fan art now. But first...

Source: http://mosuga.deviantart.com/art/Filly-Funtasia-Sketch-414443029
Not actually fan art as it's concept art by the co-creator of Filly that was rendered into 3D. Still neat! On with the fan art, after the break.

Source: http://sketchy-pony.deviantart.com/art/Prussia-Funtasia-416926567
Source: http://leahcinnamon.tumblr.com/post/70096083245/friends#notes
Source: http://sazerlite.deviantart.com/art/Doodle-11-The-Dark-Mirror-410610067

Source: http://reichan33.deviantart.com/#/art/Filly-Funtasia-Lynn-408447413?hf=1

See, I posted it. By Willy the Shilly#[trip redacted]


  1. >news site for a show that doesn't exist

    >fans of a show that doesn't exist

    >general for a show that doesn't exist

    >liking something you've never seen, not even ONE episode, JUST because it looks like MLP FIM

    1. People like movies they've never seen before just because of the trailer. It's the same concept here. I don't like it because it looks like MLP, because in reality both shows have completely different visual styles. I like it for the huge amount of lore and dozens of characters in the toy line. I also know that the studio producing it has a great track record so I'm expecting this show to be really great! Of course if it's a really bad show when it comes out I'll stop being a fan. :)

    2. >using meme arrows outside 4chin

      Gotta agree with Kevin. For a show that appears worse than MLP, they have an astonishing amount of lore already from the toys alone.

  2. Glad to see my drawing here. :-)
    I'm still curious about that evil mirror.

  3. YES


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