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31 December, 2013

"A Closer Look at the Filly Funtasia Trailer"

There's another Filly Funtasia opinion piece to show, an 11 page PDF called "A Closer Look at the Filly Funtasia Trailer" written by DeviantArt user Xeregon. It analyzes the trailer itself as well as how the person(s) in charge of BRB's YouTube channel responded to the feedback it got. You can find the document here.

He also writes about the Filly Funtasia fandom where he suggests people send me more banners to use! If anyone wants to heed his suggestion, they can be sent to [email protected] as always. 1000x300px PNGs preferred.


  1. Woohoo! Featured! Yeah, this is the same guy who pointed out the eyebrow thing, btw. I'll keep you posted when I manage to get some 3D models going.

  2. I spent 25 minutes earlier today editing a page from an official online comic (about the Filly Twilight receiving a magic lamp) into something at least resembling a banner. I wasn't sure how the rules were for using edited official art/works, and as it turned out, I saw a bit late that it was meant to be 1000x300 instead of the 1000x400 I used...

    1. A 1000x400 banner might still work pretty well, it'll just be slightly annoying for users with smaller screens.


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