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05 January, 2014

Filly World

We've previously analyzed some of the information available on the sites for the different Filly toy lines on dracco.filly.com, but we haven't delved into the main site on filly.com yet! To save the readers of this blog from having to browse through an all-Flash website with autoplaying sound, the findings are summarized after the break.

On the main page of the site, the rotating background links to various things - including a Filly game and a Filly mobile application. One of the links leads to a Filly Funtasia page, but it's just the same sparse info page as on the official Filly Funtasia site. The interesting one is the "Filly World" page.
Screencap of Filly World overview from Filly toy site.
Thanks again to "My Little Life on Mars" for sending in info about this page.
The "Fairy World" and "Princess World" are depicted as two landmasses (out-of-scale continents?) while the "Unicorn World" is depicted as a cluster of floating islands, consistent with the depiction of Crystalia on Dracco's Filly Unicorn toy site. Two of the islands are clickable - Amoria and Belucia. In Amoria, we can see Rose bucking a tree which causes an apple to fall onto her head. Such a silly Filly!
Screencap of the Amoria section from the Filly World toy site.
The Filly in the background with white coat and red mane that chases the butterflies is Leaf! She's Rose's mother.
In the "Fairy World", the only clickable area is The Palace, where we can see Titania dancing.
Screencap of The Palace part of the Filly world toy site.
The toy site informs us that Titania is the ruler of the Filly Fairy kingdom, which is also known as the "Magical Land", and apparently also as the "Fairy World".
As you can see in the background, there's a looping animation shown where a Filly flies through the area by turning into a streak of rainbow. I'm not sure who this Filly is supposed to be.
The mysterious Filly present at The Palace.
Who is this?
It appears to be a Unicorn with Fairy wings. The only known Unicorn with Fairy wings (Fairycorn?) is Magic, the mysterious Fairy King. (that is unless I've missed something; feel free to correct me!) This Filly does really not look like Magic, though.
A screencap of Magic from Dracco's Filly toy site.
Ultra Rare!
Maybe it's just Magic with a differently colored coat. The crown certainly looks like Magic's crown. Who knows!

In the "Princess World", there is again only one clickable area: Sirona.
Screencap of Sirona Castle from the Filly toy site.
Sirona is where Cedric lives! It doesn't appear like he's there right now though.
There are two Fillies in the foreground standing around and a Filly in the background that appears to be teleporting(?) back and forth while singing. The Filly to the right is Princess Jade and the Filly to the left is Princess Pretty. They're Cedric's two sisters!

The Filly in the background looks like the "Ultra Rare" Princess Crystal. On the toy site, she is described as follows: "Princess Crystal is a mystical princess from a magical land far far away. She is always attending the big parties in the Filly Kingdom and gives out crystals and jewelry to everybody. But before midnight, she disappears just as suddenly as she came."

There's also a few clickable buildings in the various areas that lead to Filly minigames. The games require you to have registered an account, however.

Lastly, the German version seems to also contain a Witchy world, but there does not appear to be much there yet.

A screencap of the Witchy World portion of the Filly world website that is available on the German version of the Filly toy site.
That's it for now!