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09 January, 2014

TBI Vision Filly Funtasia Article

The TV magazine TBI Vision is another one of the publications that have written an article about Filly Funtasia. The article is by no means new: it's actually several months old and has been discussed previously on imageboards; but it has yet to be posted (or analyzed!) on this website. Check it out after the break.
The article, which is available here and reproduced in a screencap below, provides some more background information about Filly Funtasia.

This image sent in by My Little Life on Mars, who also created the new banner!
Some interesting information in the article is that it mentions that Fillies of different types will be perfecting their own brands of magic which implies a lot of variation in how magic works within the show which is neat. The only variations in magic that we know about so far are the Witchies' elemental magic. (Wind, Water, Light, Flower, Heart, Special)

Another interesting detail is that the target demo is girls "about ten years old" and that they hope to draw in younger boys as well with the wizardry elements and visual style. A target demo of around 10 is pretty old for a kids' cartoon! As a comparison, that other show about colorful horses that some of you might be familiar with, MLP:FiM, has a target demo of 4 - 7.

Lastly, it also provides some background for the decision to produce Filly Funtasia: a strong motivation appears to be the strength of the Filly toyline.