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15 January, 2014

Filly Butterfly

It's time to delve into the world of the Filly toy line yet again! The new seasonal Filly toy for 2014 appears to be "Filly Butterfly". Just like the other kinds of Fillies, it has a toy site up for us to explore, after the break.

But first, let's take a look back. The first two filly toy series, "Beach" and "Forest" previously had toy sites up that now appear to have been emptied. It's unlikely the "Beach" and "Forest" Fillies were of any relevance for Filly Funtasia as the info on those sites was very outdated. We've previously looked back at Filly World, Mermaid Fillies, analyzed Unicorns in-depth and looked through the toy sites for information on the five kinds of Fillies that make up our main characters.

Filly Unicorn screencap featuring Rose
There's a lot more you could discuss from those sites, but most of it will probably not be relevant to the show. Here's a pic with Rose in it from Filly Unicorn though!
But there are more Filly toy sites to explore! One of them is "Filly Ice Unicorn", which is all about Unicorns on ice skates.

Filly Ice Unicorn screencap featuring Rose
Horns are touching
The Ice Unicorns live in Glacia which is near Crystalia and reachable by a rare Ice Rainbow. The site is (like the other unlinked sites) somewhat unfinished as the "Family Tree" part currently looks like this:
screencap of the family tree part of the filly ice unicorn toy site
Wait, are we in Crystalia or Glacia again?
The Ice Unicorn kingdom is apparently ruled by Queen Nieva.
toy bio of the filly ice unicorn queen nieva
"Nieva" is a form of the Spanish word "nevar", which means "to snow". The more you know!
And I had to cap this:
screencap of the filly ice unicorn dash
But if he's so fast, why is his speed only "200"?
Another toy site that appeared recently is the "Filly Wedding". Instead of referring to a specific kind of Filly as the other recently created toy sites do, it depicts five weddings from the five main kinds of Fillies: Witchy, Fairy, Elf, Princess, Unicorn.

filly wedding
Love is in bloom!
The Fillies that appear on the Wedding site do not seem to be present at the toy sites for the Filly kinds they belong to. They also appear to have fairly generic names, much like the new Filly Butterflies. And with that, let's finally get to them!

princess scarlet of the filly butterflies
Princess Scarlet and her pet, the ladybug Harmony
The Butterflies are tiny Fillies with butterfly wings living in the garden Papillia where Princess Scarlet is the monarch.  They are divided into six groups: Flower, Heart, Sun, Leaf, Water and Special. This is very similar to the Witchy Filly groups, except that "Sun" replaces "Light" and "Leaf" replaces "Wind". (And it's not just because of the translation: they are replaced in the German Filly Butterfly site as well)

The "Story" section of Filly Butterfly begins like this: "Within the green and friendly woods, which cover most of the southern part of the Filly® World, is a magical garden filled with wonderful Filly® Butterflies. The garden can be found by following a small creek that runs merrily through most of the forest. Near the end of the creek, lies the garden, Papillia™, named by the Filly® Butterflies."

I have to wonder which of the "continents" these green and friendly woods are located in, if that is indeed how the "Filly World" map is to interpreted. The geography of the world the Fillies live in seems very unclear in general.

filly world overview
There's a compass rose in the picture and I still have no idea where south is.
Papillia itself is quite unlikely to appear on any world maps as it is appropriately tiny.

filly butterfly kingdom
Note the funky rainbow tree
As previously mentioned, the names of the Filly Butterflies seem considerably less fantasy-like.

filly butterfly water group

Will we see any of these Butterflies in the show? Well, the toy line is brand new and the show should be very far into production by now, so probably not, at least not until the last part of the season.


  1. Oh, goodness me, those bald insects look just a tad on the disturbing side, don't they? Anyway, maybe the Butterflies are just a little experiment and they'll expand it with more names later. Love the new banner, by the way.

    The Glacia thing looks confusing, too. Maybe it's like Lorwyn and Shadowmoore, and the worlds just change from one to the other. Maybe someone just copy-pasted things from the site and forgot to edit.

    I can only assume that even though the show will feature mostly royals, the toys do not, since there's hairdressers and cooks and now a figure skater in there. By the way, a male figure skater? Thumbs up for going out of gender roles.

  2. I found the myfilly facebook page and twitter account. Maybe something will be happening in the USA?



  3. I want to play online!


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