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17 January, 2014

Drawfilly #5

It's time for some more fanart! You'll find it all after the break.

This first image is by Ponychan user Time Lord who also created our new site banner!

Source: http://darkhestur.deviantart.com/art/Lynn-416091888
Source: http://leahcinnamon.tumblr.com/post/71657898188/cutest-headmistress
Source: http://dexhaiken.deviantart.com/art/FIM-Killer-414770208
Source: http://redfourteenmeh.deviantart.com/art/Bella-is-big-weepy-hero-pony-412924467
Source: http://joseito182.deviantart.com/art/silly-silly-draw-v-410148307


  1. Funtasia Daily:
    Website created for fandom that doesn't exists.
    A show that is not even airing yet.
    Creator of the website named Sothesti copying Sethisto for Equestria Daily.
    A show that is obviously copying My Little Pony:FiM and that will not succeed based on the current content.
    Taking fan art obviously not from Funtasia, but from MLP.

    The show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was successful simply not because of Ponies, but because of how they made the show. Consider, the story, animation, voice actors, music, references, fandom, ...etc.
    I can say that if today My Little Pony: FiM had a very bad story, the fandom wouldn't exists. No matter how good the graphics were or if ponies was included. Look at MLP G2 & 3...

    Funtasia obviously is going very "girly" And would be hard for this show to get a true adult fandom like Bronies. (Which will use this website, unlike those fake Blog accounts who comment in Funtasia Daily.)

    1. You're not the first brony I see dismissing Filly Funtasia simply because it's "girly". In fact, it's a complaint I've seen bronies repeat over and over in YouTube comments, EqD comments, etc. It makes me very sad. Here, have a very pertinent quote:

      "If I can put the tiniest dent in the perception that “girly” equals “lame” or “for girls” equals “crappy,” I’ll be very satisfied." — Lauren Faust

      The irony of bronies trashing other shows for being girly is quite palpable to me. I think it signifies a cognitive dissonance in the people who got on the brony bandwagon but never quite "got it". They'll mention their grimdark headcanon interpretations of Equestria and the references to older movies and whatnot in the background of episodes (which a lot of cartoons do, having references for adults in kids’ cartoons is pretty common) as evidence that FiM is "not girly at all and actually very manly" because they can't admit to themselves that they enjoy a cartoon made for girls ages 4-7 for what it is. There's nothing wrong with a cartoon being girly. There's nothing wrong with enjoying girly things. Bronies used to be all about embracing that.

      And yes, I picked my admin name because someone on a pony board thought it would be funny. Maybe you're right, perhaps Filly Funtasia will never acquire a significant fandom. If so, I still don't feel like I've wasted my time writing articles for this website, because I've had a lot of fun doing it - it's actually the most small horse related fun I've had in a long time. This does not mean that my interest in Filly Funtasia is not genuine - it's quite real and I see a lot of potential for the show. I just don’t think you have to be overly “serious” about something just because your interest in it is genuine, which is why I’ve picked a joke admin name. Though if Seth doesn’t like me imitating his name, I’ll gladly switch it.

      Lastly, I don’t know why you remark that the fan art is “obviously not from Funtasia, but from MLP”. The characters depicted in the fan art are clearly Filly Funtasia characters. I should know what they look like by now.

    2. Filly is about as much a copy of MLP as Digimon was of Pokémon. Both franchises appealed to the same crowd, had the same same hook of cute monsters fighting evil and growing stronger, and both franchises managed to get their own fandoms. Digimon had more drama in it, a different evolution system, lack of rock-paper-scissor type advantages and disadvantages, and different monster designs. It was a different show altogether.

      And Filly? Filly starts off with five races in the main cast, MLP had three (though MLP is now expanding that number by turning some into other species, no?). Filly will have two guys in the main cast, MLP has none, unless you count Spike. Let's be nice and say Spike counts as one male main character.

      Filly's main cast are teenagers in school, MLP's main cast are adults with day jobs.

      MLP is made for American audiences, meaning there's commercial breaks every thirty seconds. Wait, sorry, I mean every three minutes. No, no, wait, I got this, every five minutes? Every ten minutes? I apologise, I don't actually know the number on that, seeing as European shows don't (legally?) interrupt children's programming for ads, Filly will follow suit on that. Also, MLP's episodes are 22 minutes, Filly will be 30, according to the announcements so far.

      Filly is stated to be a sitcom, MLP's genre tends to shift with every episode, from comedy to adventure to drama. Filly's toys come in themed sets, characters get family trees and even some defined character traits on the back of the package. Filly toys have an even distribution of male/female representatives, and have both males and females as rulers over their respective settings. MLP seems to have a thing for implied orphans, and threw in a main character's brother and royal babysitter for a season finale, and added a set of toys along with a season opener with little to no warning in the overall story. Not saying one's better than the other, but it's a big difference, at least.

      It's kind of odd how you criticise this site for existing with such a lack of information and then you make your judgment based on the even more lacking information. One or the other, dude.

      With regards to the adult fandom, you make it sound like that's a bad thing. Is there some sort of ranking involved? Are there rewards being handed out for the biggest adult fandom? Do we need a minimum amount of members to 'count' as something? Heck, if it's too small to find, Fox News isn't going to bother with it, either. I'll take that as a plus any day.

      As for it being 'girly', again, the distributor has remarked that it's going to be aimed at boys to some degree as well. Besides that, there's always the option of the girliness being parodied. They've certainly got the Harry Potter parody down with the 'blow shit up' attitude on the teachers' part.

      Tell me something. If you really are such a big fan of MLP, why are you going out of your way to spread negativity here in the first place? Why would you actively look for it? You must not have that much faith in your show, if this silly little thing can shake it so easily.

      Also, if you want to think this is a fake blog account, how about you go around to the Filly Funtasia group on FimFiction and put up a forum post? I don't normally mix my usernames, but I've already announced myself there as a supporter on FimFiction and... people don't seem to care enough to stop reading my stuff. It's almost like most bronies just think they should let it be and maybe it'll blow over. Some even want to give it a chance.

      No, really, post on FimFiction and just vent there. I'm genuinely curious now: what are you scared of?

  2. Sothesti, I want to see your opinion, and the opinion of other people who see my comment. If you delete this, you loose.

  3. Sorry for the misunderstanding,you might have taken what I tried to say in the wrong meaning/direction, let me re-explain/rephrase it.

    1. I am not dismissing Filly Funtasia, I am dismissing this WEBSITE. Why? Simply because I think that you are copying EQD and Sethisto, which you admitted, But you explained it, for fun and funniness. But before not knowing the purpose which you explained, I didn't think it was funny.

    2. I am not saying I don't accept the show because of it's girlishness, but I put a bracket on "girly" meaning the direction the show is going for. And the direction meaning an audience only aimed for little kids, unlike Disney and MLP:FiM which secretly targeted older audiences. (based on the trailer, and it's official website, so I can't really judge too much yet, since the show is not really out and content is limited)

    3. Based on this link, http://www.funtasiadaily.com/2013/12/drawfilly-4.html
    a lot of the art style comes from MLP, I didn't say ALL art is obviously not from Funtasia. I just commented on your latest post, which happened to be an art post.

    4. I would totally give a Funtasia a chance and try after it's out, but I am judging it based on current content. I made my first post regarding this website, but not the show.

    5. I totally agree with Lauren Faust's quote. And my meaning of what I meant "girly" on point #2.

    6. In conclusion this argument started not because I am dismissing the show itself, but the idea of copying another show and website, and I apologize for criticizing the blog accounts, but many look fake, since I was criticizing the website. That's why I asked for your opinion, and thank you for replying patiently. Now I know your opinion, and you know my opinion. If you have questions for me, you may ask.

    7. And very lastly, what I don't really get, is you creating this website already when the show is not even airing yet. Which means, that there is no true fandom in existence of the show to exist. So you are expecting a new fandom, like the Brony fandom to appear.

    1. While I can't speak for the maker of the site, here's my reasoning for contributing:

      -I like the ideas that have been brought forth so far: a sillier take on the magic animal kingdom, adult magic teachers who don't hesitate to destroy threats to the kids (unlike several other franchises I could mention), a girly franchise that tries to get boys into it by adding males to the main cast, having a show with cute horses in 3D that might encourage more people towards Blender the way MLP turned people to Inkscape. Again, people are used to copying MLP style and the medium of vector art is more prevalent thanks to ponies. Maybe in the future there'll be some more 3D art.

      -the trailer, as far as I know, was posted to gather feedback at a time the show itself was in production. 3D animation is more of an iterative process than traditional (I think Flash is somewhere in between), you can backtrack way more in 3D than elsewhere. Plus, the marketing department of BRB made a point of communicating with the fans. There's a sense of involvement here, like the otherwise faceless brand behind it is listening. As such, the fans that are there want to vocalise what it is they'd like to see, because it might actually matter in the long run.

      -if this site is a copy of Equestria Daily, it's because Equestria Daily's model works. A lot of the adult fans, if it does take off, will be bronies who give the show a chance (like myself).

      -lastly, why make the site if the show isn't there and neither is the fandom? A more pertinent question would be: how would the fandom be expected to come into its own without an EqD equivalent? I wouldn't be anywhere near as optimistic about it if this site hadn't put some relevant information up where anyone can see it, including some messages from the creator that address your points on girliness.

      Fan art's going to get noticed by someone. Heck, I didn't send in my opinion piece and it made it here. This site can inform people of what exactly to expect from Filly, get an idea of what sort of fan art isn't done yet (3D! 3D! 3D!), possibly even share tutorials.

      In short, you don't really need a big fandom to warrant a website. But you do need a website to accommodate a big fandom. Might as well get there early, in production.


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