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31 January, 2014

Monthly Roundup #2

Let's do another one of these! We had a "Monthly Roundup" last month about all the small bits of news that didn't really merit an article of their own and once again there's a few tidbits for your perusal, after the break.
fillies staring in wonder
It's glorious~
Let's begin with this new promo pic! Back in October, we reported on a flier that had been present on BRB's website, but subsequently removed. Well, a new version of the flyer has been uploaded, with the main change being that the Cedric pic that was present on the first version (which you can find here) has been replaced with this pic! The new flyer can be found here.

Filly Funtasia was recently presented at NATPE in Miami which is reported on by WorldScreen here and in a BRB press release here. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like we'll get any new info on the show itself out of it. While the Filly Funtasia promo up on WorldScreen that we've previously reported on is still the same, the info text accompanying it has been updated with information about the series' NATPE stand, indicating that they're probably using the same promo for all of these events.

Moving on, it seems the Brand Licensing article on Filly Butterfly has been updated recently with a few paragraphs about Filly Funtasia! I don't remember that part of it being there. In any case, it's worth pointing out.

text on filly funtasia from brand licensing
Our eagerness has been noted!
There's been a small change to the product description of Filly Funtasia on BRB's website.

filly funtasia product description by BRB
Unexpected results confirmed for brawl.
Lastly, we have some confirmation on what was meant by the "fan club" referred to on the leaked Filly presentation slide.

filly fan club screencap
Thanks to My Little Life on Mars who found this information on the German version of the Filly website!
The fan club seems to be a toy fan club where you can get access to exclusive toys. Apparently fan club members can get a free gift by registering a gift card (which probably is the gift cards that come with the Filly Butterfly foil bags). Doesn't seem to be that related to the show, though.


  1. So it looks like we'll get mostly 'wacky' villains in a sitcom, and it's part coming of age story with magic and crystals involved. Okay, that sounds like it might work. Now my only concern is if they'll avoid the ubiquitous, atrocious, please-stop-doing-this-it's-annoying speaking spells out loud.

    I'm really hoping there's a proper, progressive system of magic coming, even if it is just for laughs. Anything that involves practice and effort will get my thumbs-up.

    1. "Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt!"
      >"Cedric shut your God-damned mouth!"

    2. "Giant Fireball Jutsu!"
      *nothing happens*
      -"Cedric, that's not how you cast a fireball."
      "No, but that's how you tell a servant to cast one." *the butler does it*

      Seriously, though, really hoping they do something other than the obvious.


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