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15 February, 2014

Filly Funtasia in Q4 2014?

It seems like we've got some potentially bad news. Although the only official release date for Filly Funtasia has been "2014" so far, a comment in the compilation of BRB YouTube comments made shortly after the release of the trailer seemed to suggest we may see it in April. Well, a recent interview with Axel Derendorf of Dracco in License! Global had this quote: "Further adding to the Filly furor are plans for a new animated TV series, "Filly Funtasia," which is set to debut in the fourth quarter." Read more after the break.

Interview with Dracco's Axel Derendorf about Filly Funtasia in License! Global
Screenshot of the relevant part of the article.
I really hope we'll end up getting Funtasia sooner than that, as 8+ months is quite far off. On the plus side, it appears the process of selling the show is going well, so there will hopefully be many ways to watch it.

Another new article is this one from Brand Licensing. It's mostly about the Filly Witchy toys but has a bit of information about the show as well.
Text about Filly Witchy from Brand Licensing
Thanks yet again to My Little Life on Mars for sending these two in.
On the subject of Dracco, it appears their main website, dracco.com, is currently offline. Filly.com and fillyfuntasia.com are currently broken too as they use content from Dracco's main website. The toy sites are all hosted on dracco.com which means they are also inaccessible. Luckily, a lot of content from them has been mirrored in our articles.
Filly Funtasia ad from fillyfuntasia.com
While filly.com and dracco.com seem to give DNS errors, fillyfuntasia.com currently just contains a broken embed of http://cdn.dracco.com/images/FillyAd_new.png; If anyone's curious what it was: it was this image.
The website has been broken for at least 5 days now as that's when Pixeltripper sent in info about it. Hopefully it's because they're improving their site in some way, though it's concerning that it's been offline for so long.

EDIT: The website has been moved to http://myfilly.com/


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