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24 October, 2014

Funtasia Daily One Year Anniversary

Yep, it's been a whole year since the day Funtasia Daily first started!
It's also one year and nine days since the release of the first trailer which started the ride for most of us. (I forgot to mark that, because we got a brand new video!) Those nine days between the first trailer and the start of this website were pretty hectic!  (Recap continues after the break.)

For me, it all started on the imageboard (you know, that one), with a trailer for an upcoming horse show getting a lot of attention. I like cute horse shows, so it was relevant to my interests. After watching the trailer a few times, it really grew on me.

The setting of the show was brand new to me, as it was to everyone who hadn't previously checked out the Filly toys. As we delved into the official toy sites (and being excited when the "hidden" ones were found), a brand new world opened up - one that was a lot more detailed and consistent than what I would have expected to discern from what's essentially just toy descriptions. (it was a lot more informative than "PONY PULLS THE WAGON", that's for sure!)

From starting off not even knowing the correct names of all the main characters, we started to make sense of how a new universe of royal magical small horses worked. But this all needed to be reposted and reexplained to new people discovering the show, and what'd happen when the threads die off? (which they did, a few months later)

We needed somewhere to store information about this new show - sure, there were already fansites, but about the Filly toys rather than with a focus on the show, and not in English. A running joke in the threads was to use terms similar to old horse fandom terms to mess with some individuals who for some strange reasons seemed upset at this new show's existence because of some perceived similarities - and some people had already mentioned a "Funtasia Daily". So why not make it for real?

And so, Funtasia Daily was born on 24 October 2013, and was quickly filled with excellent articles like this one. (To quell a misunderstanding, the website was always meant as a storage for genuine Filly Funtasia information and real happenings related to it - I just used a joke name because it was the closest thing to remaining anonymous and because I found it funny.)

Nowadays though, there are other places where you can find detailed information in English about the workings of the Filly universe - I really have to encourage you all to give the Filly Wiki a visit if you haven't seen it recently - it used to be pretty empty, but My Little Life on Mars and HareTrinity have done a great job populating it with 400+ Filly articles, so go check it out!

The most active community right now is over in the Ponychan thread, 1000+ posts and going strong! It's really friendly, so feel free to drop in. And I also have to promote the DA Group where you'll find a bunch of nice artwork - they're having their own one year anniversary in two days!

All in all, we've held up pretty well for a "proto-fandom" community where all we have of the actual show so far is just four trailers. As some of you probably know, there's been another unfortunate delay, and the show may not be out until around the time when this website celebrates its second anniversary. That's a real drag, and it's hard to stay excited over such a long period of time. But, to quote Shigeru Miyamoto: "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad" Sure, this is a show and not a game, but the principle still applies. Hopefully, it'll look even prettier with all the extra time - if we're just halfway there, there's probably quite a bit of work left.

Thanks to everyone who has sent me stuff and commented over the past year, and thanks to everyone out there willing to give girly shows a fair shake, or just accept people who do. Let's hope we can recap an even better year in 2015.