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05 October, 2015

October 2015 Reel: More Footage!

It's the Magical World, where everyone shines!

Surprises keep coming! Just three days after the super-quick one minute demo reel of the shows BRB Internacional brought to MIPCOM 2015, they went ahead and uploaded another demo reel, which is five minutes long. And the first minute of this video is fully dedicated to Filly Funtasia, gifting us with insane (relatively) amounts of new video footage.

But that's not all. Video footage is great, but it's even better when it's accompanied by audio! And in this case we have The Magical World - a song that was hinted to exist in this German February article, and since then has appeared in various commercials for the toys that can be found on the MyFilly Youtube channel page. And it finally appears here. Even though it's still not available in its full form, promo 6 grants what seems to be the first third of it.

But enough talk, have a watch!

And here's a video with the Filly Funtasia segment only: