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19 December, 2020

New Filly Funtasia Episodes on iQIYI on the 25th of December

It's a Christmas miracle! Another Weibo post by the official Filly Funtasia account has appeared, and this time it brings us an official date, 25th of December, for what it calls the second season of Filly Funtasia. (Which is very likely to be the same episodes that will start airing on Minimax in January but is being called the second half of the first season there.)

Yes, on Christmas Day, the new episodes are coming to iQIYI, a Chinese online video platform. The episodes will likely be split up into 26 half-length episodes like the first episodes were. There's as of yet no word about a television airing in China like for season 1, but last time it took a few months after the episodes became available on iQIYI.

The Weibo post also had this poster for the second season - besides the familiar main characters from the old episodes, we've also got Amor, an Angel Filly. We've already seen another Angel Filly in the season 2 trailer, so it seems like we might see quite a lot more of the Angels in the new episodes!