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20 January, 2020

Filly Funtasia Airs in China, Second Season in Production, More Seasons to Come

New year, new news! Kind of.

Amidst the Ukrainian release of the show two months ago, Filly Funtasia, in this instance known as "小马菲莉之缤纷仙境" (or simply "小马菲莉"), was picked up by the Chinese streaming service iQiyi on the 28th of November, 2019. The service seems to show 26 episodes available, but those are 26 halves of the same old 13 episodes, albeit now fully dubbed in Chinese.

iQiyi turning 13x26 into 26x13

This version of the show seems to use the same renders as before, but all instances of onscreen text have been carefully edited and translated into Chinese.

In addition to being available on iQiyi, Filly Funtasia has also been scheduled to air on Hunan TV, one episode a day, currently airing!

With this, Filly Funtasia has been dubbed in three languages: Italian, Ukrainian and now Standard Mandarin.

Numerous sources have also stated that the second season of Filly Funtasia is in production! It's not clear if "second season" refers to the unaired second half of the 26-episode season, or to a completely new batch of episodes, but either way, it means there is more Filly coming! Maybe we'll finally see the finished version of that storyboard animation we saw a few months ago.

Season 2 is expected to come out this summer, though the distribution plan for it is currently not known.

Said sources also mention the possibility of more seasons further down the line, specifically season 3 and season 4. There is no information regarding the two specials, Filly Stars and Filly Butterfly.

A big "thank you" to everyone who notified us of this!