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01 April, 2020

Multiple Filly Funtasia Dubs Announced

(April fools!)

Filly Funtasia has had three releases so far: in Italy, Ukraine and China, dubbed in their respective languages. However, it's been over a year since these releases started popping up, and we haven't seen many news of other dubs.

Until now, that is!

One of the Filly Funtasia distributors, Quemeow LLC, was generous enough to contact us and share their plans for five upcoming localisations of the show. They haven't clarified if their plans encompass only the 13 episodes we already have, or the full 26-episode season, but it's exciting nonetheless. It's possible that the new footage will be in even higher quality than before!

Let's check out the specifics of each of the soon released dubs.

1. Emoji

In order to stay in touch with the current demographics, Filly Funtasia will be receiving a full emoji dub. All on-screen text (including the episode titles, opening sequences and ending credit rolls) is going to be converted into appropriate emoji, while the dialogue will consist of a text to speech program which will pronounce emoji names aloud.

The language used by the TTS is not yet known, but it's very possible that it will be English, since one of the goals of this dub is to appeal to the crowd that watches meme videos dubbed by the "Daniel (UK)" voice pack. If that's the case, we'll finally get our English Filly Funtasia dub! Kind of.

2. Morse Code

If the emoji dub leaves room for dialogue interpretation, the upcoming Morse code dub promises to be a precise, lossless method of transmitting messages across large distances in mere seconds! Most of other dubs deliver similar promises without specifically pointing it out, so we're not sure what it's going for.

Deciphering this dub on the fly is going to be a real challenge for the audience, that's for sure. As seen on the image, the language used by this dub is going to be English, so this dub is equivalent to a full English script of Filly Funtasia! Kind of.

3. 1337

Leetspeak is a somewhat forgotten system by now, so we're surprised that it's being used as a basis for a Filly Funtasia dub. Unlike the previous two dubs, this one is going to be "fully voiced by Professional Video Essay Makers." We don't know who is going to lend their voices here, but it's probably going to be revealed when they come to make an announcement.

The Leetspeak dub is definitely based on the English version of the system, giving us yet another version of Filly Funtasia in English. Kind of.

4. Daedra

In what we can only presume is yet another hidden promotion for Todd Howard, Filly Funtasia is getting a Daedra (also known as Daedric) dub. It may have been a boon for video game fans to receive over four hours of pure Daedra speech to work with, but unfortunately it's been confirmed that the speech is going to be generated based on audio clips from Oblivion by using neural networks.

Nonetheless, this means that the Daedra dub, audio-wise, is essentially a long-awaited English dub! Kind of.

5. Filly

The last dub on the list is the most surprising: Filly Funtasia is going to complete the circle and receive a Filly dub! This was one of the original big ideas for the show during early development, but it was scrapped after the original release date was missed, leaving only brief strings of Filly text scattered here and there in certain episodes. But now the feature is being brought back in full force!

The Filly Filly Funtasia dub promises to be the definitive and timeless way of watching the show and sharing the experience with other Filly fans.

It's very nice to hear that Filly Funtasia will be available in even more languages than before! As for the release window, Quemeow have stated that all five dubs will air "in 2014." This is surprisingly soon, so we don't even have to wait that long!