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03 March, 2019

Filly Funtasia to Air in Italy on the 11th of March at 18:30

Yes, it has been narrowed down to a minute.

In a sudden move, the Italian channel Frisbee has scheduled to air the first episode of Filly Funtasia on the eleventh of March at 18:30 local time, as well as the second episode on the following day, according to the information found on the Sky Italia TV website.

Furthermore, Filly Funtasia has received its own accommodating 15 seconds long TV spot on Frisbee, which airs regularly!

The TV spot features clips we've already seen in the promotional material throughout these long years of waiting, though almost every clip has been extended by a few frames, a few seconds, or even by whole additional shots. The clips seem to originate from episodes including Liar Liar, Prance on Fire, Wranglum Does Fillying, the Blue Rainbow episode, as well as what may be the series' opening sequence.

At the time of writing, the official Frisbee website does not have a schedule for the 11th of March, as the date is too far away. However, it is expected to appear there by the 5th. An update will be made once it happens.

UPDATE: the official Frisbee website has added the 11th of March to its schedule, and Filly Funtasia is indeed listed there.

Until then!

A wholehearted "thank you" to Aurelicornus and his amico for unearthing this information in time.