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25 March, 2019

Filly Funtasia Concept Art - Spoilers Edition 2

Amidst the ongoing Filly Funtasia airing schedule, a plethora of additional concept art material has been unearthed thanks to a kind anonymous. A total of 14 images related to Filly Funtasia have been found. Some of these images are brand new, some have been seen before. Regardless, each and every one deserves to be looked at, here!

These images were drawn by Dani Canovas, and are featured on the art blog here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/DxEVLG

Some of the images listed here feature characters that have not yet appeared in the show, so if you don't want to see spoilers of any nature, consider skipping this article.

The first notable thing is the BRB Internacional copyright in the bottom right corner, which tells us that this and all other images were made back when BRB were involved in the development of Filly Funtasia, before they cut the ties in 2016.

These two images show various scenes from the episodes "The Cupcake Mystery", "The Blue Rainbow", "Wranglum in Disguise" and "Alone at Last" - the first four episodes of the show to air, in fact! The environments, characters, camera angles and colors in each frame are for the most part the same as they are in the final episodes. Here are the comparison images:

Now, onto the next images!

These six images show Rose, Ashia, Sparkle, Willow, Melody and Wranglum Petunia. Rose and Willow have already appeared like this in one of the previous packs of concept art:

Concept art of various dorm rooms, as well as the protagonists

Petunia is not seen here, but this particular image of her has been seen in another collection:

As for Sparkle, Melody and Ashia, these particular poses have not been seen before. Considering the range of these characters' roles in the show, I would not be surprised to see other characters in this line up, such as...


According to the file name, this image shows Princess Cadabra, one of the two special Witchy Fillys, straight from Zimsala!

Princess Cadabra's original and Filly Witchy Black Edition appearances

The Filly Funtasia rendition of Cadabra looks quite different from her toyline appearance: the colors of the hooves, the coat, the hair, and the garments have all been altered. Actually, Cadabra now bears a strong resemblance to her sister, Abra:

Princess Abra's original and Filly Witchy Black Edition appearances

Cadabra's visuals in the image above differ from Abra's Black Edition appearance only by the hair color. Incidentally, this hair color difference has also been seen with Lynn, who originally had purple color, but was changed to orange later on in the Filly Witchy toyline.
The name of the image file also specifies Cadabra's new hair color. Can this possibly be a plot point? Is this character really Abra, and is the reference to Cadabra a mistake? Hopefully the show will lend us an answer later!

Another image of Cadabra, this time providing her name in the graphic itself. The purpose of this image, a turnaround, is to provide a reference to how the character looks from all sides, in order to keep the appearance consistent. There is an indication that Cadabra is intended to appear in episode 15. However, as seen with other concept images, the order of the episodes seems to have been drastically altered. So who knows when we are going to see Cadabra, if ever!

Nothing more to say here, just that the shape and proportions of the magic hat are much closer to how it appears on the physical Witchy figurines than in the official art. Also, dem glasses!

Princess Scarlet herself, the special Butterfly Filly from Papillia, makes an appearance.

Princess Scarlet as she appears in the Filly Butterfly toyline promotional material

She is no stranger to Filly Funtasia - we already know that she was supposed to play a role in the Filly Butterfly special, according to this page from the Filly Butterfly presentation:

A page from the Filly Butterfly presentation. Cute!

The fact that Scarlet's turnaround has an episode number attached, rather than a reference to the Filly Butterfly special, is an unusual detail. It may be that both this and the Filly Stars special were at some point in time remade into main line episodes of the show. If that is the case, it's much better than losing the specials altogether.

Another turnaround, this time dedicated to Wranglum. His humanoid form is something that was also teased in the presentations for the two Filly specials.

A page from the Filly Butterfly presentation. Spooky!

The show has already shown this form on a regular basis, even going as far as to temporarily freeing him into the outside world. Thus, this is no longer something that may have been reserved as a high stakes scenario for the specials.

The blog calls this creature a "Fire Walker", but the file name refers to it as a "Grounder", one of the minions under the command of Wranglum. Usually, Grounders are short and purple, but this one seems to be an elite variation of some kind, or a normal Grounder under the effect of magic.

The last picture is the giant plant monster from "The Evil Garden", with a tiny Rose next to it for scale. Unfortunately (or fortunately), in the show, the final form of the monster is around half as big.

And that is all! Once again, thanks to the anonymous person who has provided access to the images, and thanks to Dani Canovas for creating these images in the first place.