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13 March, 2019

The Copyright Takedowns Begin

We have our first copyright takedowns! No, it's not takedowns of the episode uploads that have popped up on YouTube. Instead, they have chosen to take down the upload of the TV spot I put on my channel and two old fan videos on Zejgar's channel.

The takedown of the TV spot does kind of make sense since it is their content and it's not really transformative as it's just an upload of their TV spot, but it's a bit weird that they are taking down something that was explicitly meant to be advertising and issuing it with a copyright strike.

Now, this one is even stranger. The two videos in question were a short ~20 second long video identifying the teachers in the fifth Filly Funtasia promo and a video overlaying the same promo over itself over and over until the music deteriorates into a garbled mess. Both of them seem like they should count as transformative content to me.

I get that Dracco needs to protect their IP, and if they had issued takedowns against the episode uploads, I would understand that, as it may possibly reduce the value of the show when selling it to other networks, even though I personally believe that it would be a bad thing for the spread of the brand in the long run. But I don't see any sense in taking down silly fan videos that should probably count as fair use. It essentially acts as free advertising and I hope that Dracco sees the value of a vibrant fandom in spreading their show.

Lastly, I would like to ask, have any of you guys also experienced any takedowns of Filly Funtasia-related videos? Please let us know in the comments.