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24 October, 2018

Funtasia Daily Five Year Anniversary

Oh, hello! It’s been a bit quiet around here for the last year, but we’re still here. That’s mainly because for the majority of the year, there has been little to report on besides some vaguely promising interviews and a surprise award nomination.

There’s been some other vaguely negative events which we have not reported on. One of them is that Dracco purged their accounts on both Google Play and Apple’s App Store of every single remaining app in August. It’s unclear why exactly they did this. Some of the Filly games could have been removed because they were linked to the now nonexistent old filly.com which now seems like it is permanently gone despite promises that it would return.

The slide puzzles may simply have been to prove trademark usage as their names match up very closely to the list of trademarks registered by Dracco Brands, which is Dracco’s subsidiary company for intellectual property holdings. (It was formerly called HFDL - “Home Focus Development Limited” and it appears in the bottommost part of the screen in the first and third promos)

However, there were also games there which fit into neither of these categories, like a Zombie Zity game which I never actually downloaded to see what it was. (After all, this is not a Zombie Zity fansite.) Either way, Dracco seems to no longer want to pursue mobile games for now.

In April, Dracco’s CDN went offline, and even though the Filly toy sites have remained online, they no longer display any images, which make them rather hard to use. Since filly.com started redirecting to the Filly Stars toy site (which was supposedly a temporary measure), the main website for Filly which is advertised on enormous amounts of toy packages has now redirected to a broken and unusable website for about half a year. Not a pretty look.

This all seems to be pointing in a rather bleak direction. That’s why it’s a bit surprising that we’ve seen some rays of hope lately, that we’ve not yet been able to report properly on. Proper articles about these pieces of news are coming, but as you may know, we tend to compensate the general lack of news by writing really long and thorough articles when news does arrive, so we have not yet had time to analyze everything fully.

The most notable one is that we now have a new company involved in Filly Funtasia. As reader RaichuWizDom made us aware in the comment section of the last article we posted, there’s a new animation company involved in Filly Funtasia. They are called B-Water Animation Studios. It seems that the main company is based in Germany but that they have animation studios in a number of locations, and the one that’s animating Filly Funtasia seems to be in Barcelona. Hmm.

They’ve even got a promo for us!

Magical World makes a reappearance, and we see a short compilation of scenes that we’ve seen before, but that extends past where the previous promos have cut the scenes, which means that we’ve officially gotten new Filly Funtasia video material! Yes, there’s not that much of it, but that’s still very nice to see.

We’ll certainly have a longer article where we’ll have a lot more to say about this new studio and their promo, soon™.

We have also seen some evidence that Dracco is conducting at least some in-house development of assets for Filly Funtasia. We are going to talk about this too, in another article.

Of course, a lot is still hinging on the outcome of the legal battle between Simba and Dracco. The sum being fought over would represent a rather large chunk of Dracco’s net worth, and despite legal proceedings being initiated in February 2014, the legal process is somehow still going on. Is it finally going to end this year? Honestly, I have no idea.

To sum up the current state of Filly Funtasia, it’s a rather mixed bag. Clearly, Dracco has not given up on the show just yet, but clearly things are also very much not going according to their original plans.

We are now half a decade into waiting for Filly Funtasia, and since the show had already been in development for over a year when this website first started, that means that the show has now been in development for over six years. Hopefully, they will eventually manage to cobble something together out of this after this long and convoluted process.

Well, that’s about all there is to say! Thank you for reading as always, and see ya again next year!