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31 May, 2018

Filly Funtasia's Release Date Possibly Expedited

A week ago, yet another set of two articles were published in the Danish press featuring interviews with brothers Jacob and Henrik Andersen, the two founders of Dracco. This time, we find our cartoon information in Jyllands-Posten, where among other things, it’s revealed the release date of Filly Funtasia might have changed… to an earlier one than the last one we were given?

Most of the information in these two articles is repeated from the pair of articles that were published in Finans.dk in January of this year, but some information is new.

We find out that the legal fight between Simba and Dracco is apparently still going on after four years, and that Dracco’s auditor (the company Baker Tilly) still lacks enough information to verify the brothers’ valuation of Dracco at 700 million DKK,. The articles also talk about their plans for an upcoming cartoon, and unlike the January articles which just vaguely referred to a cartoon about Filly, these namedrop it: it’s Filly Funtasia. Even if there have been changes to it since the last time we saw any concrete information about it, at least the title is still the same.

We then find out that they have recently signed an agreement with “Discovery Channel’s kids channel in Italy”, which I think refers to the channel K2. There was a previous agreement about Filly Funtasia and K2 during the BRB days, but since this new agreement is referred to as a “recent agreement”, I think we can assume that all the broadcasting agreements signed prior to the break between Dracco and BRB are effectively null and void unless they have subsequently been renewed.

The article also mentions that Dracco are placing high hopes on the Chinese market. They hope that their Chinese partner (which they annoyingly enough still won’t namedrop) will be able to help them expand there, and that Goliath Toys will be a strong distributor in the Western markets.

Lastly, there is a mention of the Filly Funtasia release date. It’s said that Dracco expects the release of Filly Funtasia to happen in early 2019, or perhaps in late 2018 “in select markets”. This is an improvement from the earlier pair of articles which simply gave the release date as “2019” - now they’ve at least mentioned the possibility of the series arriving earlier than that.

While it would be lovely if we were to see the release that early, I’m not clearing my calendar until we see more concrete signs of an impending release - I’ve been burned by release dates a few times before and the 2018 date was simply mentioned as a possibility.