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01 August, 2018

Dracco Sells UK Branch

In another piece of news about the companies involved in Filly Funtasia, Dracco has sold its UK branch, Dracco UK, a company which primarily functioned as a toy distributor for non-Dracco toys.

The enterprise in question began as a UK toy distributor called The In Thing. In 2011, Dracco acquired 50% of the company and in 2014, Dracco bought the remainder of the company, redirecting its former website, theinthing.com, to dracco.co.uk.

On the 16th of July, Dracco officially sold Dracco UK to Cathryn Dunstan, who is a member of their management team. The company was renamed Bliss Distribution Ltd, and dracco.co.uk now redirects to blissdistribution.co.uk.

Dracco UK never actually sold any Dracco properties from what we know, and indeed sold the properties of their main competitors. According to an interview in Toyworld Magazine, Dracco co-founder Henrik Andersen says: "The sale supports Dracco’s strategy to focus on its core business and increase our investments in brand development and global sales of our Dracco branded product range.".

While not mentioning Filly by name, this is a vaguely encouraging sign for the franchise’s future considering how Filly is currently Dracco's main property and thus the likely target of a focus on Dracco's brand development.