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30 August, 2018

Filly Funtasia Episode Nominated at the Asia-Pacific Film Festival

In a bit of unexpected news, the Filly Funtasia episode “The Missing Student” has been nominated in the “Best Animation” category of the 58th Asia-Pacific Film Festival, which will be held on the 1st of September in Taipei, Taiwan.

(EDIT: Turns out we lost! "Fundamental" was the winner of the category.)

The episode in question, in case you don’t remember, is the one with the blue rainbow and the scene where Rose, Fabian and Zack walk through a cave. The fourth promo consists entirely of a long scene from this episode. You can also see snippets of the episode in the third and fifth promos, and we have also been able to see concept art from the episode in art posts.

Filly Funtasia’s competitors are “Funtamental” from Taiwan, and “Adi Sopo Jarwo” from Indonesia. The first one appears to be a short chaotic one minute video with an anti-religious message (I think? It’s not entirely clear what’s going on) while Adi Sopo Jarwo is also a 3D cartoon. Both are embedded below if you want to check out the competition.

We should find out if Filly Funtasia is Taiwan’s number one in a couple of days from the posting of this article, and then we’ll hopefully be able to write an update about Filly Funtasia winning awards even before its release.