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01 April, 2021

Filly Funtasia News: Spring 2021 Roundup

Happy belated new year!

Quite some time has passed since the premiere of the second half of Filly Funtasia season 1. During that time, news regarding the show have emerged, some major, some minor, some in-between. In this post, we will list them off.

The Filly Funtasia website is up again

After years of inactivity, http://fillyfuntasia.com has sprung back to life! Even though it bears little resemblance to its old incarnations and has a quite basic design, the website is operable, and most likely will be expanded in the future. The landing page shows what appears to be an English version of the Chinese "Season 2" promo from November, and the trailer links to the English trailer from 2019.

Filly Funtasia episodes 14-26 premiering in Eastern Europe

We've reported in an earlier article that the second half of Filly Funtasia should come to more countries, and now, when a few months have passed, the second half of Filly Funtasia has indeed come to more countries. Episodes 14-26 have visited Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia and Czechia, and are planned to be aired in Romania this April.

Dracco's situation

An article about Dracco recently appeared in the Danish newspaper B.T. which is a mix of bad and good news. On the negative side, it seems that Dracco's financials are now quite strained, and that they will be reliant on raising more capital. Also, the legal dispute with Simba appears to somehow still be ongoing. On the positive side, while we have previously seen references to two seasons being produced with it being unclear if that refers to 2 x 13 or 2 x 26 episodes, this article mentions an agreement with a Chinese company and explicitly specifies that it is about the production of two seasons of 26 episodes each. (Where the first one presumably refers to the 26 episodes already created.) It also mentions that Filly Funtasia has already been sold to more than 20 countries, which means we can probably expect to see some new dubs!

Partial English release

Probably the most anticipated aspect of Filly Funtasia since the very beginning, the English version of the show has finally seen release. However, only three episodes are available: "Hide and Seek", "The Lost Mermaid" and "Farina, the Fire Dragon". This baffling selection of episodes was discovered this February on MyToonz. The dub in this version appears to be the same as in the English trailer that was released in 2019.

Co-written with Skundi