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01 April, 2019

Filly Funtasia English Version to Release Exclusively on Xbox One

(April fools!)

After a tediously long waiting period of at least a couple of months, 2014 has finally come, and Filly Funtasia followed shortly after. Now when the dust has settled, more information has been revealed regarding the show's further distribution. The new generation of consoles is the talk of the town nowadays, and it seems that Dracco are going to make use of this new advanced technology to the fullest!

Introducing, Filly Funtasia Watercooler Edition.

Xbox One, the nextgen Microsoft console, has been out in certain regions for over a few weeks. Its Television Experience lineup is about to be enriched with the colorful Fillys from Funtasia, according to the official statement from Phil Spencer.

Really, we should have seen this coming, as the plans to cooperate with Dracco were teased all the way back during the reveal of Xbox One in May 2013:

You can't blame us for not noticing in time. Who pays attention to these corporate slides anyway?

Of course, Filly Funtasia has to bring something that will secure its position as one of the most ambitious Television Series of the new age, right next to the brand new Halo Television Series. Apparently, Filly Funtasia is going to utilize the Kinect technology to maximize the interactive experience for the whole family.

This is "rocket science" level stuff.

Filly Funtasia Watercooler Edition comes with an array of Xbox One Achievements. While watching the show, the incredibly advanced Kinect camera will track your eyeballs and record your reactions to certain scenes, and award you with Gamerscore accordingly. Here is an example snap of the Filly Funtasia Achievements:


Filly Funtasia Watercooler Edition will be available worldwide as a World Premiere Xbox Exclusive later this year. Not much time to wait for an English version! If you somehow already own an Xbox One, keep your eyes open, and your internet connection stable!