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10 March, 2015

Filly Funtasia in Italy and Beyond!

A fantastic piece of news has emerged. If you have been following the series for pretty much any period of time, you might have noticed a constant stream of unfortunate announcements that usually state that Filly Funtasia gets delayed, over and over again.

But this day is not one of those!

First and foremost, yes, the show is still scheduled to air in early 2016. Which, if I am not mistaken, is the first (or at maximum second) time the same date is told more than once. Being late for more than a year is still not pleasant, but at least "early 2016" now has a stronger presence among other launch dates of Filly Funtasia, such as "fall 2014" and "early 2015", both of which were mentioned only once. Chances are high that this will finally be the final deadline, with no more delays in sight. Place your bets!

Or, if it does get delayed again, it will upset a lot of people, including Italy's Discovery K2 channel, which is the channel responsible for airing the show. One can say this is Filly Funtasia's headquarters, or its hub.

Which brings us quite nicely to another piece of news, which is very important for those of you who have no access to Italy's TV channels, but have access to the Internet, as indicated by the fact that you are currently reading this article. Filly Funtasia is highly likely to develop its digital presense in places such as Smart TV, various Video on Demand channels and, probably most importantly, YouTube. Be it with delays relative to the episodes' premieres on TV or not, the mere fact of being able to watch the show on the web is very exciting indeed.

Early 2016 is still beyond the mountains, but there is another event, which is much, much closer: MIPTV Media Market convention 2015, happening from April 13 to April 16 of the same year. You might know its 2014 brother from a wonderful Promo #3 that was posted earlier. It is very likely that in slightly more than a month we will get more footage of the show! And/or upgraded version of the already existing footage, which is equally good.

So here's to more news, hopefully even more pleasant than this!