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01 July, 2020

Filly Funtasia Toonz Promo (English)

A new Filly Funtasia trailer has emerged! We've seen Filly Funtasia media in a lot of various languages lately, but this time it's English's turn to shine. The previous English trailer was uploaded by Imira Entertainment a few months ago. Now Toonz Media Group, owners of Imira Entertainment, have decided to upload another Filly Funtasia trailer. This new trailer has quite a lot of things worth discussing and comparing to the aired episodes and previous trailers. Let's check it out.

The structure of this promo is very similar to that of the previous English trailer from Imira: a series of clips from the show accompanied by a narrator. However, while the previous trailer focused on a specific plot point of Rose and her ancestry, this one keeps the overall picture more general.

One of the first shots of this new promo shows the dorms from an angle that is nearly unused in the 13 episodes that have aired. The title sequence of episode 7 "Bijou on the Loose" seems to be the only case where it is used, and still only the second half of the panning shot can actually be seen.

Top: Toonz promo
Bottom: episode 7 (Plus Plus)

However, this shot can also be seen in promo 3, again near the beginning:

This presents a chance to compare the two shots from the two promos.

Toonz promo vs. promo 3

The only difference seems to be the coloring of some objects; everything else is identical. Let's move on!

The next few seconds of the promo are clips from the opening sequence of the show and a shot from episode 2. From what I can tell, these are identical to how they appear in the show and in the previous recent trailers, such as promo 5.

The first truly interesting part of the new trailer happens here: we get a snippet from episode 4, where Lynn reunites with Rose and talks to her, in English! Lynn's voice sounds very different from the Imira promo, and also a bit different from the very first BRB promo, so it's not quite clear what's going on here.

Another notable element of this scene is that, while The Magical World plays over it, some background music can be heard underneath, implying that this scene is ripped straight out of the episode it appears in - that is, it's not made just for this trailer. Unless, of course, the leftover background music is deliberately put there to make the clip feel authentic.

We get a scene with Bella as well! This one is from the ending scene of episode 1, and once again we hear her speak in English, with leftover background music as well.

The background music may be a good indicator that the scene is also taken directly from the episode it appears in, but the visuals are very much different. The full scene of Bella saying the line is not present in the episode: instead, the scene fades away before she finishes talking.

The exact same frame comparison
Top: Toonz promo
Bottom: episode 1 (Plus Plus), mid-fade

In that sense, this part of the promo is a combination of the Lynn and the dorms parts: we get a clip with the episode's audio while also getting extended visuals that do not appear in the source material. It may be that the source material itself is different and that the trailer takes clips from files that have nothing to do with the episodes that have aired, but this is but speculation.

Then we get another clip, this time from episode 2 again. The visuals are identical this time. We get another short line from Bella, though! Beautiful.

It's the directorate scene! It appears in episode 1, but it's more known for its appearance in promo 1 from 2013. Coach once again delivers his line in English, giving us an opportunity to directly compare the voice acting between the trailers. Surprisingly, the voice actor is the same. Even more surprisingly, the line's delivery is not the same. Coach's intonation is a bit different, which can be easily heard when the two deliveries of the line are put side by side. Hearing the familiar voice speak the familiar line in an unfamiliar way a whole seven years later is a bit bizarre.

Also, unlike in promo 1, here we can faintly hear Florian's grunts in the background as he reacts to Coach. But the strange thing is, Florian is absolutely silent not only in the original 2013 promo, but also in the Italian, Ukrainian and Chinese airings of episode 1.

Another quite known scene, although more infamous than famous. Originally seen in the B-Water promo, this scene from episode 4 is notable for visual fidelity that was mostly absent in the version that ended up airing.

Toonz promo vs. episode 4 (Plus Plus)

Sadly, the only audio heard here is The Magical World and the narrator, so we don't get to hear the English version of this scene.

We then get a few more seconds of footage that appears identical to how it appears in episode 2. There isn't much to talk about here.

And now this trailer decides to show us the clip from episode 2 which also happens to be the basis for promo 4 from BRB! We can hear Zack's "only one way to find out; follow me!" line, and unlike Coach's line from before, Zack's delivery is exactly the same as it is in promo 4, meaning that the audio has been reused for this trailer.

At one point in this trailer, the scene cuts forward while the audio continues, thus the two desynchronize and lead to an inconsistent audible "thump" when Fabian is supposed to land onto Zack, while the screen shows something else. This "thump" is the only sound that can be heard, though. This sequence as it appears in the aired episodes features a whole lot of different sounds as the Fillys traverse the caverns, but none of them can be heard here. In this regard, the trailer seems to reuse the entire sound track from promo 4.

The visuals themselves look the same as they do in the episode and promo 4, with one notable difference: the episode version of this clip has a random fade-out while this and the previous promo versions don't.

The exact same frame comparison
Top: Toonz promo
Bottom: episode 2 (Plus Plus), mid-fade

That is not to say this scene is entirely free of nondescript darkness. Shortly before this shot, the trailer shows a single frame of black screen, which is not present in promo 4. This may be an error resulting from the cutting process, and not an actual part of the source footage, however.

The following part of the trailer is the most juicy one, because all other parts, even if partially, even if incomplete, even if not in the show proper, have been seen at some point or another in the Filly media. But this one is new, and for that, in addition to other reasons, it garners a Spoiler Warning.

The Spoiler Warning has been issued. To avoid spoilers, scroll down until you see more embedded images, and continue reading from there.

You have been warned.

Oh, yes, the following part of the trailer is the most juicy one, because not only do we get to see new footage, it also contains quite rich imagery: a row of framed paintings, each appearing to depict Wranglum and/or events linked with him.

The first painting seems to depict Wranglum in a crystalline prison. His limbs are blurry, which most likely means that they are encased in the translucent crystals that surround him. The crystal motif parallels the appearance of his prison in the aired episodes, too.

The second painting actually appears in episode 3 in a way, since it shows the same fire and brimstone from Wranglum's little vision near the beginning of that episode.

Comparison link

Seeing it in someone's dream and seeing it as a framed painting are two entirely different things, however. The latter implies that this is something more real, perhaps something that has actually happened at some point in the history of the academy. Wranglum was already set free in the show, and he had opportunities to cause havoc from both the inside and the outside of his mirror, but he's never been able to achieve something like this.

The third painting shows Wranglum looming over the skies of Funtasia. Very reminiscent of his weather magic in episode 4, but this time he seems to be at full force. There are rays of light coming out from below the frame, too.

The fourth and the final painting depicts Wranglum being banished by a filly who looks like Sparkle.

The color combination and the crown shape matches her the closest out of all the Fillys in the show, and it makes sense for her to be banishing Wranglum, as she seems to be the only Filly who is aware of Wranglum at all, as seen in episode 13. Needless to say, there is no banishment scene in the aired episodes.

This collection of paintings is quite an interesting part of the promo: the footage itself is new, which may be yet another clue that episodes 14-26 exist in some form, and the depiction within the footage is new: the paintings tell a story that hasn't been told in the show yet. Who knows, it may even be something from the Filly Stars and Butterfly specials!

The Spoiler Warning part of the article is now over.

What follows is a collection of clips from episodes 2 and 4, which all seem to match what they look like in the aired version. The only notable thing is, once again, the audio: The Magical World gives way to the song that is prominent in episodes 4 and 8, usually dubbed "Into the Storm", after the first line of its chorus.

This is the first time this song can be heard in English! Unlike the promo 4 insert earlier, this one does not feature any sound effects (safe for the narrator), meaning that the song itself was used here as a raw sound file. I do wish there was a way to obtain a clean recording of this song.

The trailer then continues with The Magical World, and shows the mirror beacon scene from episode 2. This scene's appearance once again differs from the aired version, and looks more like how it appears in the B-Water promo and promo 5.

Toonz promo vs. episode 2 (Plus Plus)

The trailer closes off with listing the Filly five, using footage that once again matches the aired episodes, and then rather abruptly fades to black. But before all of that, it shows another scene: the table scene.

So far, the table scene has appeared in 7 (seven) promotional trailers for the show out of 10 (ten, may be eleven depending on how you count them), securing its title of probably the most prominent scene of Filly Funtasia. Despite that, the table scene remains the only clip that has appeared before the premiere and has stayed out of the premiere: none of the 13 aired episodes contain this scene, and of course this trailer continues the teasing tradition of including it. Perhaps it was cut from 1-13, perhaps it's from 14-26, or even from Stars/Butterfly, but we don't know for sure, and with this new promo having come out, we still don't know for sure.

The Magical World in English has already been revealed in promo 5, but in these closing moments of the promo, the song enters the "come and sing along" section. This section can already be heard in the end of the opening sequence of the show, but it's the first time this section plays in English! Perhaps some day we'll get the chance to hear the full English version of this song as well.

And there we have it, another Filly Funtasia trailer! This one is probably just as rich in content as the fabled promo 5 from 2015, but the effect of this one is diminished now that we've seen most of its clips in the premiered episodes. Still, it's fascinating how a trailer that is mostly comprised of reused footage and comes out over a year after the premiere still manages to present quite a number of notable details both big and small. Maybe, in addition to episodes 14-26, we may see versions of episodes 1-13 that are more consistent in graphical quality, much like the trailers. Cheers!