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24 October, 2017

Funtasia Daily Four Year Anniversary

It's October the 24th (well, at least in my time zone), which means it's time for another Funtasia Daily anniversary! When starting this website in late 2013, nine days after the release of the first Filly Funtasia trailer, I wasn't completely sure what to expect. But I highly doubt that I thought for a second that I would still be updating it four years later even though the show was still nowhere in sight.

The very first anniversary post in 2014 was hopeful and excited as we were all still exploring the franchise, and the second one in 2015 got to look back at what I think is some of the best material so far like the Filly Stars and the then-recent release of the Magical World promo. The third one in 2016 took on a more reflective mood as the status of Filly Funtasia had become very unclear over the last year.

And here we are, in 2017. While there have been no official releases of Filly Funtasia material since late 2015 besides perhaps the short announcements of the two specials in early 2016, the status of Filly Funtasia seems clearer - BRB Internacional and all its associated companies are out permanently, but Dracco are attending animation events, presumably to either find studios willing to pick up production, or to find broadcasters or coproducers to make the project more financially viable. Even if Filly Funtasia has not been abandoned, this means we will likely have to wait a long time for it to be released if it does eventually make it to the finish line, which seems less than certain at the moment.

I don't know about you guys, but I'll keep waiting until the point where there's enough evidence to reasonably assume it's cancelled forever or it finally sees release. I've waited the length of an entire American presidential term already, I can wait a bit more.

Four more years!
Sadly, even though Brand Licensing Europe ended earlier this month, there has been very little information about Dracco's presence, partially because their booth was off to the side of the venue next to the elevators which means they didn't make it into any of the panorama photographs. And the only recent-ish press release from Dracco is their announcement of their deal with Goliath. But we'll keep monitoring press releases, trade shows and marketing magazines for anything of interest to report on.

One thing that we have done since last year is to open a Discord server! We talk about a lot more than Filly Funtasia there (because, let's face it, after a while you kind of run out of things to say when there's no new material released), but it's always a great place to hang out and talk about Filly, Melowy, MLP, or general nerd stuff. Feel free to click this invite link if that sounds like fun!

Last year I mentioned wanting to help to set up a fansite in some way related to magical horses or their franchises (but not FiM, that already has enough fansites) if someone wanted to create one. Currently, I am planning to write a few posts about non-Filly non-FiM magical horses on this very website, as soon as I can get off my butt and do the required research. While this is not strictly within the website's usual scope, I hope that the people who read this website will still appreciate it.

Lastly, my co-admin Zejgar also has something he wants to show you for this occasion:

And just like every year, I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who's in any way contributed to this little community, and everyone who happens to read this, whoever you are. You're why we keep writing.